First Cornwallis Baptist Church

Upper Canard, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Anniversary Window

The 200th Anniversary Window

The Sower in the Valley

Dedicated October 31st, 2010

whole windowIn 2007 the congregation of First Cornwallis Baptist voted to begin a fund with the aim of creating a stained glass window as a permanent marker “to celebrate God's work, honor our predecessors and enhance the worship space.” Over the next three years monies were raised through ‘toonie containers,’ special events and memorial donations. In 2009 the congregation was invited to offer suggestions for the window’s theme and a stain glass artist was employed to design a window based on those submissions.  In 2010, during the centennial year of this building, enough funds were raised to complete the project. lower window 1


  The window features Jesus as the Sower from Luke 8. A background view of Cape Blomidon and the Minas Basin indicates Jesus is planting His Word in this valley. To the right a ship in full sail represents the Church and the numerous missionaries and ministers who have gone out from First Cornwallis to serve God both at home and overseas. To the left a dove in full flight symbolizes the Holy Spirit moving among God’s people. Branches of apple blossoms in the window arch are iconic symbols both of the Annapolis Valley and God’s desire for His people to bear fruit.

fan window

The window’s theme celebrates God’s work in a history of churches planted, workers sent and lives changed. Just as importantly, the vision of Jesus at work planting His Word is an important message to present and future community at First Cornwallis.  As we enter to worship, God continually calls His people to sow the seeds of His Word and reap the harvest He is preparing in our time. Our prayer is that those who follow will be constantly reminded of the ongoing purpose and mission of the Church.

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