First Cornwallis Baptist Church

Upper Canard, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Religious Drive-In Services


Please see guidelines below regarding Religious Drive-In Services as taken from (Click Here). It is important that we adhere to these guidelines for the health, wellness and safety of others. Thank you in advance. 


Religious services

Religious groups should consider holding services virtually (online or through community TV). They can also hold outdoor “drive-in” services if they follow social distancing requirements, including:

  • staff must be present to make sure everyone is following the restrictions
  • vehicles must be parked 2 metres (6 feet) apart in the parking lot, with the engine turned off
  • only people from 1 household unit should be in each car
  • everyone must stay in their car through the entire service
  • the building, including washrooms, must stay closed to the congregation
  • microphones can’t be shared between staff
  • nothing can be passed out to the congregation (like books, programs, food, beverages and collection plates)
  • people can’t exchange items between cars




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